Parkland Teacher Calls Parkland School Shooting Survivor "the Next Hitler"

Last night, I posted about the harassment directed at one of the so-called Parkland Kids. This young man is unique in that he’s polite, he doesn’t drop F-bombs to try to shock people, he’s self-effacing enough to know that he’s neither the font of all knowledge nor the center of the universe, and he’s pro-Second Amendment. If there is one thing that this whole episode has taught us it is that if you are pro-Second Amendment, then nothing else matters. Going back to the shameful CNN “town hall” meeting in which Dana Loesch was, for all intents and purposes, held personally to blame for the shootings.


After Kyle Kashuv tweeted images of himself learning to fire a rifle at a commercial indoor range, accompanied by his father, he was called in for questioning by the school resource officer. This isn’t the same guy who beshat himself while Nikolas Cruz rampaged through the school, but he was a member of the same Broward County Sheriff’s Office that cowered behind their cars while the massacre took place…giving a new twist on the slogan “protect and serve.”

This led to one of Kashuv’s teachers–the one whose class he was called from for his interrogation–weighing in:

But, as Paul Harvey would say, this is the rest of the story. After the exchange between Kashuv and Pittman, Pittman was told to let it drop. Being a good progressive, he just couldn’t do that.


“Next Hitler?” Really? How is this even appropriate? (I’m fully expecting the lecture on why I should be supporting this guy’s free speech, but f*** that noise.) And this is a guy teaching an honors course in American History.

Your public education dollars at work, folks.


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