Britain Responds Courageously to the Scourge of Knife Violence

The reduction of Great Britain from world power to Monty Python skit has been a while in the making. But they’ve probably hit rock bottom…or can spit and hit rock bottom from where they stand. The end was foreshadowed by London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan’s, tweet on Sunday.


What he’s referring to is the number of murders in London exceeding those in New York City because of the strong performance of knife aficionados. That’s right. Shortly after this tweet, the incoming chairman of the Royal College of Physicians in Scotland called for a ban on kitchen knives.

But, in fairness to Mr. Khan and his physician fellow-traveler, they seem to be responding to a trend, not setting it:


And this useful bit of public health advice:

Britain’s thought leaders think this is a great idea.


At one time Great Britain was a serious country. No more.


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