SHOCKER. Gun Control Law Goes Down In Flames In A Most Surprising Place

I have to admit being shocked.


Shocked from a couple of points of view. NY Republicans are squishes on a lot of issues, abortion and gun rights being two of them. Secondly, these are some of the most benign proposals being shoveled out by the anti-Second Amendment activists.

The state Senate’s Democratic Conference fell short in an attempt Wednesday to force a vote in their chamber on a series of gun-safety bills intended to augment the 2013 SAFE Act.

But when the Democrats asked for a vote by a show of hands, however, they fell short — even with eight votes of support from members of the Independent Democratic Conference — as Republicans in control of the chamber declined to support the measures. Some Republican senators left the chamber prior to voting. Sen. Simcha Felder, a Brooklyn Democrat who often conferences with the Republicans and provides their crucial 32nd vote, opted not to attend the vote.

One of the measures would allow courts to issue “extreme-risk” protection orders prohibiting someone from possessing or purchasing a firearm if they are found, after a hearing, to be at risk of harming themselves or others. The prohibition would be in place for one year and the respondent would be entitled to a second hearing within that one-year period.

Other bills in the Democrats’ amendments included banning the sale or possession of bump stocks in New York, strengthening background checks for gun purchasers, and creation of a research institute to study and make policy recommendations on gun violence.


New Jersey, however, performed as expected.

There will be more attempts by New York Democrats to restrict the ability of citizens to possess firearms, but this failure, in the heat of the moment and over fringe issues, says the prognosis for beating back the nanny state is very good.


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