The #FakeNews Story Flogged by Chris Cuomo Makes Its Way Into the White House Listening Session

So, tonight at the listening session President Trump held in the White House with parent and students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the scene of last week’s slaughter, there was this statement by Sam Zeif. Apparently, he was one of the people texting from inside the school as the shooter was active:


An 0:20 he regurgitates the blatant lie spread by Chris Cuomo of CNN

This simply did not happen.

I think the people who’ve been taking shots at these teenagers for expressing their fears are just a bunch of goobers. These kids are entitled to their grief and we need to respect that. By the same token, stuff like this is why they do not deserve any deference when it comes time to deciding what to do. They are kids. And one of the hallmarks of being a child, or nearly so, is that you don’t necessarily know what you’re talking about.

Unfortunately, this young man is not alone in being taken in by Cuomo’s calculated lie. And that is why anyone who favors the Second Amendment is a moron to sign on to negotiating with these people. Their goal is the banning of privately owned firearms, or regulating them so stringently that they might as well be banned. And never before has that agenda been so obvious.


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