#HotTake: People Only Care About the Parkland High School Shooting Because the Kids Are White

A tragedy like the Parkland shooting brings out a lot of pathological personalities. One of those is former GOP political consultant Nicole Wallace was on MSNBC. AFter pushing the baldfaced lie that Trump and the GOP made it easier for the shooter to get a weapon, she has this to say.


“I think you are making a different point, you’re making a racial point as well, that people in urban settings — We’re talking about this because, let’s be honest, 17 white kids were [killed]- I think you’re making a good point, Eddie,”

Let the record show that Parkland, FL, is a moderately affluent town and the high school is 60% white.

Let the record also show that not all the victims were white:

When an expelled former student opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on Feb. 14, Peter Wang used the last minutes of his life to help save his fellow students.

According to witnesses, the 15-year-old freshman member of the school’s JROTC program “was holding a door to let other students out before him” as suspected shooter Nikolas Cruz prowled the halls of his former alma mater, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports.

Wang was among the 17 people shot and killed by Cruz. His cousin, Lin Chen, told the Sun-Sentinel that Wang was wearing his standard grey JROTC shirt when he left for school that fateful morning.

(See my colleague, Sarah Rumpf’s post on the disgraceful hit on the JROTC program at Parkland.)

Wallace is a particularly detestable dingleberry around the sphincter of politics. She was one of the consultants who was supposed to help Sarah Palin in 2008 and, in reality, fed damaging information on her to the press. She’s no longer a consultant thanks to Erick Erickson, RedState, and Operation Leper. (This was back when we still backed GOP candidates in elections.)


[H/T to Newsbusters]

But she’s not alone. On Thursday, the New York Times’s Eric Lipton sent out this, now deleted, pair of tweets:

Basically the same point.

I think this kind of commentary says more about the people making it than it does about any national feeling. I seem to remember that lots of people were upset when a South Carolina church was shot up than they were about another church shooting in Sutherland Springs, TX. There is definitely less concern there than there was when garden variety thugs Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were killed while being thugs. I’d go a step further and predict that if a white kid, mentally ill or not, walked into a 60% black high school and opened fire, there would be riots. For weeks.

This is just race baiting. It is a cheap virtue signaling that is based on a lie. It is a way of calling any Republican who expresses sympathy a racist by implying they are only saying it because the kids are white. It is shameful and disreputable. But it is MSNBC.


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