BREAKING. Israel Retaliates Against Hamas Bombing And Hamas Fires Rockets Into Israel

Last weekend, you recall, the Iranians launched a drone into Israeli territory that kicked off a wide-ranging retaliatory strike by the Israeli Air Force. A replay of that is happening right now in Gaza.


Earlier today, four Israeli soldiers from the Golani Brigade were on patrol east of the Gaza city of Khan Yunis

They stopped to investigate a flag on the Palestinian side of the fence separating Israel from Gaza and someone detonated an IED. Two soldiers are in critical condition and the other two received lesser wounds.

Israel retaliated.


Hamas retaliated.

The Hamas rocket attack on Israel does not appear to have caused any casualties or very much damage.

This is part of Barack Obama’s legacy. Hamas, which rules in Gaza, is now a subsidiary of Lebanese Hezbollah and Iran. Hamas is being developed by Iran as another front in their ongoing war on Israel now that they’ve achieved control over Syria and Lebanon. There have been rumblings that Israel may roll into Gaza to clean the place out. This kind of provocation by Hamas makes that likelihood much greater than it was a week ago.


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