"They Seem Fun." Criticism of Mike Pence May Have Just Hit Rock Bottom

I don’t completely understand the hate that Mike Pence generates on the left and with the anti-Trump right. I suspect it has something to do with the pain both sides feel in confronting a low key, likable guy who seems to have a firm moral center and a solid marriage. That kind of thing can be scary for people who are driven by impulse. Just a little earlier I posted on the Washington Post mocking Pence because the murderous sister of the murderous dictator of North Korea was giving him major stink-eye from behind his back.


I suspect that mockery created sort of a monkey-see-monkey-do contest on the left to find things to mock about Pence. If so, we have a definite winner.

Lewis can be a rational guy so long as you aren’t discussing Trump or the Trump administration. He’ll willingly jettison any previously held position if it gets him a shot at Trump.

So what was the context of this image that makes the Pences look so grim? Dachau.



My title was more hopeful than predictive. I’m sure there are lows that remain to be plumbed.


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