Adam Schiff Figuratively Eats Bugs and Howls at the Moon at a Press Conference

After the House Intelligence Committee voted to make available to the public a memorandum detailing abuses in the use of the Trump dossier and clearing a maybe mythical “counter memo” by Schiff for viewing by the House, Adam Schiff had a meltdown at a press conference. It wasn’t the bug-eating, feces-slinging meltdown that we’ve come to associate with Nancy Pelosi, but in terms of what he said, Schiff basically lost his sh**.


“As I said to my committee colleagues during this hearing, sadly, we can fully expect that the president of the United States will not put the national interest over his own personal interest. But, it is a sad day, indeed, when that is also true of our own committee. Because today, this committee voted to put the president’s personal interest, perhaps their own political interest, above the national interest, in denying themselves even the ability to hear from the department and the FBI. And that is, I think, a deeply regrettable state of affairs. But it does show how, in my view, when you have a deeply flawed person in the Oval Office, that flaw can infect the whole of government. And today, tragically, it infected our committee.”

This is just nuts. The memo has nothing to do with Trump. It has everything to do with abuse of power. If what has been leaked about the memo by the FBI is accurate, the public needs to know the information.


This is truly bizarre

What is telling here is that Schiff is visibly panicked. He’s throwing everything against the wall and hoping some of it will stick. If this memo is really as inconsequential as Schiff alleges then he should be cheering it on because it will only serve to discredit Nunes and Gowdy. The fact that he’s afraid of the memo tells you what you need to know about the memo and about Schiff’s Stalinist vision of how our government should operate.


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