CNN Polling on the Shutdown Is Really Bad News for Democrats

The Democrats have been trying to use the DREAMer issue to demagogue the GOP and the White House into accepting a wide-ranging amnesty bill.

The House has countered by offering a clean Continuing Resolution with an authorization and appropriation for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) which has expired and is funded through the end of February. CNN polled the issue just a short while ago and those results gave a hint on how this shutdown is going to play out:


or, as Team McConnell has framed it:

What makes the numbers worse than they appear for Democrats is that CNN historically weights their polls in favor of Democrats. (h/t to my colleague Brad Slager.)

Given the issue and the polling numbers and Mick Mulvaney’s epic performance today, I don’t see how the Senate Democrats hold the line. I can’t imagine these numbers will get better with age.


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