Palestinian Terrorist Mahmoud Abbas Has a Glorious Meltdown

Today, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas gave a speech to the Palestinian Central Council, the Palestine Liberation Organization’s second highest decision-making body. It was glorious. Abbas might as well have spontaneously combusted. I’m going to rely on a string of tweets because I can’t find a single good source for the speech.


When President Trump announced the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel he said it didn’t have any impact on the final status negotiations for Jerusalem. Earlier this month it was reported that the Egyptians had punted on supporting Jerusalem as a Palestinian capital and the Saudis were pushing for Abu Sis, a Jerusalem suburb. It seems that the US ambassador, David Friedman, is pushing the same idea.


To recap. Abbas wants the White House destroyed, he says he will respond to Nikki Haley with the “heel of a shoe,” he’s told the single biggest source of funding for the Palestinian Authority (that would be the United States) to FOAD, he told the Arab world to piss off, he rewrote the history of the region, proclaimed the Oslo accords dead, and announced he would continue paying pensions to the families of terrorists.


This is the act of a desperate and pathetic little man. He’s used intransigence and violence as his primary negotiating tools and now he’s finding his people are increasingly unwilling to die so Abbas and his cronies can sock away billions of UN dollars in Swiss bank accounts. The Arab world has bigger fish to fry, namely Iranian expansionism, and doesn’t have time for his shenanigans where their own survival is at risk.

I don’t know where the Middle East peace process goes from here, but it is doubtful Abbas can stuff this genie back in the jar.



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