Nikki Haley Causes Joe Scarborough to Have a Psychotic Break

Right after Nikki Haley finished reading the Riot Act to the UN General Assembly, former Trump-enabler and fellatisto, now rebranded as part of the #Resistance, Joe Scarborough glued a baby wolverine to his head (if you think I’m kidding look at the video) and went on a rant against Donald Trump and Nikki Haley. Watch this. The only thing that could make it more humiliating for Scarborough would be if he started flinging feces at the camera.


I saw Nikki Haley yesterday actually threatening like a mob boss.


If you’re an American, you just don’t want your representatives up there threatening the rest of the world.

And then Scarborough went on to man-splain to Haley how diplomacy is really done, “We’re going to need their help on North Korea. We may need their help again in Syria. We’re going to need their help in a thousand places.” Of course, in the same session as the Jerusalem vote, the UN General Assembly unanimously passed UN Resolution 2396, which was largely drafted by Haley’s team, and the very next day the UN Security Council unanimously passed a US authored resolution imposing additional sanctions on North Korea. Apparently, real diplomats know something that Joe doesn’t.

He caps off his meltdown with: “And by the way, there is no diplomat in Nikki Haley. What she did yesterday is an embarrassment to the United States.”


It seems like Joe likes his women in their place and that place is not the UN

Nikki Haley simply doesn’t fit his mold and even though she’s saying today very much what Joe Scarborough said when he was in Congress, she’s a buffoon and not very bright.


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