Trump's FBI Tweets Revisited

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe listens on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, May 11, 2017, while testifying before a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on major threats facing the U.S. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)


Yesterday, President Trump sent out a series of tweets that got a lot of attention…as his tweet storms usually do. This one was aimed at the FBI.

A lot of people set out to defend the FBI’s honor and integrity, specifically the union representing special agents and the hopelessly compromised James Comey. (Somehow, no matter how homely the hooker, there will be people who defend that nonexistent honor and integrity.) I’m pretty much in the same camp as Popehat on this


I don’t think of the FBI as being particular competent crime fighters. They are much more relentless windsocks of political expediency and meticulous i-dotters and t-crossers. When you look at the terror attacks in the United States, at least since 9-11, one of the common factors is that the perpetrator was known to the FBI, had often been interviewed by the FBI, and had been deemed not a risk.

Today I started thinking that Trump was right.

On Saturday we learned that the lead FBI agent on Mueller’s probe had been found to have sent anti-Trump and pro-Clinton text messages to the FBI lawyer he was boffing (yes, she was female, no, she was not his wife) who worked directly for deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. And we discovered she had also been working on Mueller’s team. We learned by back in August that the FBI agent in question, a guy named Peter Strzok, had been relieved of his job and transferred to a meaningless position in the FBI’s Human Resources department. This happened as part of this IG investigation:

We don’t know for sure how the text messages came to light but we know a couple of things with mathematical certainty. First, he wasn’t relieved of his position for the texts because those messages would not be covered by the Hatch Act. Second, they were discovered via a subpoena or search warrant that was issued in conjunction with the IG investigation.


Today we find that Strzok was the senior agent who interviewed Michael Flynn and whose account of events resulted in Flynn’s indictment. And we also learn that Strzok was the guy who re-wrote part of Comey’s finding on Hillary Clinton’s email investigation that relieved her of criminal liability.

As head of the FBI’s counterintelligence apparatus, Strzok was involved in:
Receiving and evaluating the veracity of the Trump dossier from Fusion GPS.
For deciding to let the DNC carry out their own forensic investigation of their email server.
For paying Christopher Steele to do more investigative work on the Trump dossier.
For representing the strength of the dossier to the Intelligence Community when James Clapper and John Brennan were making their accusations that the Russians wanted Trump elected him.
He was on the ground floor when Sessions and Rosenstein decided a special counsel was needed.

Also today, we learned that Strzok is a McCabe loyalist.

And keep in mind that McCabe is under IG investigation for violating the Hatch Act by electioneering for his wife who was running as a Democrat for a Virginia state senate seat. He not only appeared in her campaign literature and used his official bio when Virginia Democrats were trying to select a candidate, he used his government email account to send campaign related material. He was the guy in charge of the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails and didn’t recuse himself, despite internal pressure to do so, until about November 1.
And, of course, his wife benefited from an infusion of about $700,000 in Terry McAuliffe-related contributions to her losing senate campaign.


Heaven only knows how deep this rot runs because last week FBI emails, those would be emails the FBI claimed in court did not exist, revealed that the FBI agents who provided Loretta Lynch’s security detail willingly covered up her meeting with Bill Clinton in Phoenix and initiated the search for the leaker when the meeting was revealed to the press.

When we add into this witch’s brew of FAIL the fact that Comey was Mueller’s protege, and part of what Mueller allegedly is investigating is the firing of Comey, and that Mueller is using Hillary Clinton and Obama donors on his investigatory team what you have is anything but an honest investigation or, more importantly, it is obvious that, at least at the senior ranks, the FBI is virulently partisan and willing to shape investigations to fit a partisan narrative.


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