Conyers Was Too Dangerous to Ride the Elevator With but Not Dangerous Enough to Report

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this whole drama being played out starring powerful men (don’t worry, ladies, I’m sure that before 2018 ends we’ll have some prominent women on the list, too) who felt free to squeeze, fondle or bedew random women of varying degree of acquaintance is the fact that the unifying thread of the stories is other women saying, “Oh, everyone knew.” Virtually without exception (I say virtually because as far as I can discern Woody Allen was a closeted perv), once a Harvey Weinstein or someone like him is exposed, a dam of allegations breaks.


Case in point, Representative John Conyers. Conyers has now been accused by three people, on the record, of sexual harassment. All the accusers have been employees, either directly or indirectly as Congressional staff, of Conyers. None of them has a whole lot to gain by going after Conyers.

Yet on Sunday, NPR’s Cokie Roberts was a guest on This Week with Martha Raddatz and the story of sexual harassment came up.

In regards to Conyers, Roberts says, “Don’t get in the elevator with him, you know, and the whole every female in the press corps knew that, right, don’t get in the elevator with him. Now people are saying it out loud. And I think that does make a difference.”

This person that female reporters knew not to get into the elevator with was the same guy described as an icon by Nancy Pelosi…and one has to question how much she knew about his behavior because it beggars the imagination that every female reporter knew and none of them told her.


How does this happen? Why aren’t women demanding that Roberts be driven off the air as being complicit in Conyers’s malfeasance?


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