A Navy Pilot Does the Most Awesome and Heartwarming Skywriting Exhibition and It Was Not Appreciated

I’m not a pilot or even a regular flyer but I can’t imagine the sheer joy of strapping on a couple of 50,000 bhp engines, going aloft and simply wringing them dry. Just for the hell of it. Apparently, the fun meter pegged way over in the red zone yesterday when the joy of flying just got the best of a Navy fighter pilot flying out of NAS Whidbey Island (WA).


The killjoys in the Navy were having no part of it:

“The Navy holds its aircrew to the highest standards and we find this absolutely unacceptable, of zero training value and we are holding the crew accountable,” Navy officials told KREM.

The Federal Aviation Administration told KREM that the graphic drawings did not pose a safety risk and there was nothing it “could do about it.”

The FAA official told KREM they “cannot police morality.”

Unfortunately, this guy is going to be found and he’s probably going to see his career ended.


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