The FBI Suddenly "Discovers" Pages of Documents on the Clinton-Lynch Meeting in Phoenix

Back in June, Attorney General just happened to be flying on a private plane that stopped over in Phoenix, AZ. By some feat of chance, ex-President Bill Clinton was also on a private plane at the same airport. This would be the same Bill Clinton who was married (on infrequent occasions) to Hillary Clinton. And she, just by happenstance, was under investigation by the notoriously straight arrow FBI man, James Comey, who had already written the outcome of the investigation. There was nothing at all suspicious about anything that happened here. They chatted for a few moments about grandchildren, maybe compared notes on extramarital affairs, and then Bill Clinton went on his way. (My posts on the meeting here | here | here.)


Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI and were told that there were no documents pertaining to that meeting. However, Judicial Watch had filed a FOIA lawsuit against Department of Justice over access to documents pertaining to the investigation of Hillary’s private email server. Documents disclosed in that lawsuit referenced conversations that had taken place about the Phonix meeting.

Suddenly, the FBI is able to produce thirty pages of documents directly related to the meeting in Phoenix.These are supposed to be released by November 30, but, if the past is any guide, this will not happen and Judicial Watch will be back in court.

It is really hard to believe that his sort of dishonesty was all the direct result of Comey’s allegiance to Obama and Democrats. It shows that the FBI is deeply politicized, at least on the management and administration side, and cannot be trusted to provide truthful answers unless it is forced to do so by a court order.



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