A Tale Of Two Shootings and a Destroyed Media Narrative

Ever wonder why some shootings disappear from the headlines and others don’t? Sure there can be a factor that makes it particularly newsworthy, but in general it is driven by political sensitivity. For instance, if the daily carnage that happens in Chicago were not happening in minority neighborhoods do you think the national media would impose a virtual omerta on coverage? (Every wonder why black children who go missing in Washington DC are basically ignored by the Washington Post?) Sure race is an issue, but the underlying cause is that every story has a dominant narrative and no major new outlet will run counter to that dominant narrative. When a story doesn’t fit, there is no cognitive dissonance, the story is simply ignored. Shootings are a prime example.


Let’s look at a couple of recent ones.

On September 24, a man walked into the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch (Antioch is part of the church name, not the town), near Nashville, Tennessee. He pulled a gun and opened fire. He killed one person and wounded seven. This story vanished, literally, within 24 hours. Why? We don’t know for certain but the story was bound to make most of the news media very uncomfortable. The church was predominately white. The shooter was black. Not only was the shooter black but he was a Somali immigrant. He was stopped by a church usher who went to his own car and retrieved a handgun. There is literally nothing in this story that the US media will touch. Black on white crime. Immigrant. Stopped by a gun-possessing citizen. Every element of this story sets the progressive project back years. Switch the facts. White southerner. Black church. And you have a month, at least, of stories on the event.

Last weekend as campus police officer.

On Monday night, a campus police officer was gunned down at Texas Tech in Lubbock, TX. A student’s mother had called campus police to report her son, who was residing in campus housing, was suicidal. The campus police made a “student welfare” visit, found drugs and drug parphernalia, and brought 19-year-old Hollis Alvin James Reid Daniels in for an interview. He arrived at the station without being searched, pulled gun, shot 46-year-old officer Floyd East, Jr. in the head, and fled. He was later apprehended. This is a shooting on campus but it went away as fast as a snowball in July. Why? A redominately white school in Lubbock? Obviously full of gun- and meth-crazed crackers. Shooting each other is probably a varsity sport in Lubbock. White shooter? No racial component. But one would think that this campus of peckerwoods would be a hotbed of Trump supporters, that could be an angle:



Suddenly, there is not conceivable media narrative that can cover this shooting. A dope using, Bernie Sanders-Barack-Obama-Hillary-Clinton loving Trump-hating antifa in waiting kills a cop with a handgun on campus while not even under arrest.

Again, never think the media is there as a neutral player calling balls and strikes. It is a crooked ref who has bet money he doesn’t have on the other team.


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