Why Are the Media Saying There Are Cholera Cases in Puerto Rico?

Lies and the Spreading of Fake Information

What started in Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey is now reaching full force in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. What I’m talking about is the concerted effort by the media and their fellow travelers to concoct a Katrina-like disaster to blame the administration.


You saw it in Houston with the preposterous story AP attempted to spread about EPA superfund sites not even being visited by federal authorities. It reached a high point this week with the partisan hack who is mayor of San Juan wearing a ludicrous tee shirt claiming that people were dying. This was quickly smacked down by fellow mayors, the head of FEMA, and even Geraldo Rivera.

Now they are at it again. They are literally inventing a disease outbreak in Puerto Rico.





This is not a joking matter. Cholera is an extremely virulet bacterial disease with an extraordinarily high mortality rate. It could very well reappear in Puerto Rico a some point because of the lack of electricity making the treatment of raw sewage in major cities like San Juan problematic. What does the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the organization that would respond directly to a cholera outbreak, say?


Short story. There is no cholera outbreak in Puerto Rico. There probably won’t be a cholera outbreak in Puerto Rico. This story is not accidental because there is no “accidental” way someone could report a cholera outbreak. It is deliberate and it has been set into motion with a purpose. This shameful story has been picked up and passed around by people who would like us to believe they are credible for one purpose alone: to create a political narrative that says the administration is doing nothing to help Puerto Rico.


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