Pretentious Jerk Finds Child Endangerment in Boy Mowing White House Lawn


Last Friday, eleven-year-old Frank Giaccio won the jackpot. He’d written President Trump asking for the chance to mow the White House lawn and, probably to the shock of his parents, was given an invitation to do just that.


Personally, I thought this was a great gesture and a good news story for a White House that could use a few of them while busily reloading the gun to administer self-inflicted wounds to their feet. But then I am not a supercilious, scolding douchenozzle.

Good lord, this guy certainly has had a tent pole hammered up his fourth point of contact.

As Mollie Hemmingway, writing at The Federalist, points out, the irony of having the AAP weigh in on lawnmower safety is sort of ridiculous as they recommended parents get their children counseling to cope with the grief of Donald Trump’s election and seem to think allowing a 14-year-old to undergo radical genital mutilation and a lifetime of use of industrial strength hormones is pretty much okay.

Factually, the kid was attired in googles, earplugs, gloves, and very safe shoes. He was mowing a very flat lawn. He was being supervised by a battalion of groundskeepers and Secret Service agents. Mowing the White House lawn was just about the safest thing young Frank is ever going to do.


But the real agenda behind Greenhouse’s bullsh** and specious objections is Trump. Pure and simple. This was just one of those instances of the anti-Trump crowd seizing on some kind of mundane crap to try to show that Trump is criminally inept…and those stories aren’t just generated by New York Times reporters. Trust me on that.


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