Hillary Clinton Latest Whinging is Just Astonishing


In case you missed it, Hillary Clinton spent the past week blaming just about everybody imaginable for her loss in 2016. The most amazing thing about her book tour/airing-of-grievances was her lack of introspection and a total absence of any self-awareness.


Now she is not only blaming people for her defeat, she’s blaming Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for not seeking out her advice.

“I don’t know who [Tillerson] has reached out to. He certainly hasn’t reached out to me.”

If you want to see a delusional old bat lash out because she is not being consulted, watch the whole video. It is little short of shameful.

Given Clinton’s performance as Secretary of State, if there was truly justice in the world, she and John Kerry would be in a federal supermax awaiting execution. She ran the State Department as part of a criminal enterprise that was more interested in collecting cash than advancing US foreign policy. ISIS happened on her watch. Libya and Benghazi happened on her watch. Syria began on her watch. Iraq was given away on her watch. Russia and Iran expanded their influence on her watch.

Whether you like Tillerson or not (disclosure, I do like him) you have to admit that not seeking the advice of the wizened old crone who seems on the verge of having a psychotic break is a very, very good thing.



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