You Won't Believe Who a Lot of Voters Think Is a Bigger Threat to America Than White Supremacists


The recent Fox News poll has received a lot of attention because of some of the negative things it says about Trump, but it is a gold mine of interesting factoids. For instance, when they asked voters if they were satisfied with their vote in 2016, this is what they said:



Basically, this says that even knowing what we know about how Trump will act as president he hasn’t caused people to say they would change their mind about voting for him and you can make a supportable case from those data that an election today would yield a similar result to that in November.

What is hilarious is this question:

Who do you think poses a greater threat to the United States [ROTATE] — white supremacists or the news media?

This is really some epic trolling-by-polling.

But what were the results:

White supremacists 47%

News media 40

(Same) 9

(Don’t know) 4

Going to the crosstabs:


I’m assuming that a lot of respondents recognized this for what it was, sort of a fun question at the end of a longish opinion poll. But still it shows that, even tongue in cheek, male respondents are evenly split on the risk and up to two-thirds of Republicans, Conservatives, and Evangelicals think the media are more dangerous. Among independents, white supremacists edge out the media as the leading danger but within the margin of error.

When you combine this with voter satisfaction with their 2016 vote, you can pretty well guess that Trump’s war on the media is not going to go into hiatus anytime soon.


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