University Professor 'Suspended' for Saying Texas Deserved Hurricane Harvey

Disasters always bring out the best on the left. Hurricane Harvey is no exception to the rule.

On Sunday, an assistant professor at the University of Tampa named:


took to Twitter to impart his wit and wisdom upon anyone with internet access and a third grade reading level:


It’s juvenile, it demonstrates that academia does have an affirmative action program for guys who are emotionally stunted and have a mediocre IQ, it is cruel considering that people of all political stripes are pulling together in Texas right now to make things right. In short, this is definitely the kind of thing you’d expect a self-described liberal sociology professor to say about a county that gave Hillary Clinton 54% of their votes in 2016.

And it speaks volumes about the political climate at the University of Tampa, in particular, and higher education, in general, that he felt completely safe posting this on a public account where he identified himself as an employee of a university.

As could be expected, this got him a lot more attention than he ever dreamed possible. And the University of Tampa reacted by “suspending” Professor Storey. What that ends up meaning, I don’t know. He might be fired. Or he might just be drawing a vacation with pay before going back to spreading hate and stupidity.


As a rule, I’m against Twitter mobs hounding people out of their jobs and making them unemployable because of stupid and ill-advised things that they said. I was against it when Gawker destroyed a young woman named Justine Sacco and, in principle, I’m against it with Storey. Having said that, I’m past the point of letting people use my principles against me. We are engaged in a very ugly war in this country that could very well see free speech destroyed. The only way this ship is going to be righted is by, as someone sorta famous once said, making the other side live by its own rules. Too many on the right would rather spend their time criticizing others on the right in order to raise their own media profile rather than close ranks against a real risk to the republic.


If that takes a Twitter mob from our side acting like avenging harpies to get a douche like Storey fired, fine. I hope it never takes our guys in black masks showing up to beat the hell out of their guys in black masks, but if it comes to that I’m pretty much in favor of it. I mean if punching Nazis is good sport, punching an ‘antifa’ has to be at least as amusing.

What I am not going to do is show them any grace or mercy or respect because they have demonstrated time and again that they cannot distinguish between civility and weakness.


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