In Memoriam to a Passed RedStater

(5/29/11) - (Broadway) A memorial dedicated to the memory of Brian "Bucky" Anderson, depicting a pair of combat boots, a gun and a helmet, stand on top of a marble plaque at sunset on May 29 during the dedication ceremony for Anderson, who was killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan in June of 2010. (Traci White)/(Daily News-Record)

The internet is a strange place. It allows you to encounter people you’d never otherwise come into contact with and become quite close to them without ever actually meeting them in person. In my time on RedState I’ve made some solid friendships and encountered people whose advice and counsel I tested and determined to be valuable despite not being able to pick them out of a two-man line-up.


One of those was a RedStater, an Army veteran, Tim Jones, who went by the screen name “grumpy old soldier.” He joined the site in June 2007 and was active in the comments in that cyclical way that a lot of us are. Gruff but respectful, his comments could be counted on to add light and not heat to the subject. When the Water Cooler project got underway, he volunteered to be an editor for it. Terri Mead has more on him it today’s Water Cooler.

From its inception, RedState was supposed to be a community. It was guys like Tim that made that possible. He will be missed.


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