Trump: That McConnell Guy Might Need to Find a New Job (VIDEO)

Mitch McConnell isn’t getting the Jeff Sessions treatment but he’s definitely in President Trump’s crosshairs. (I say that in only the most non-threatening, harmless, and non-Sarah-Palin-esque way.)


Love him or hate him, Trump has a very real point here. Not to say that repealing ObamaCare was going to be easy but McConnell has promised since 2010 that it is just around the corner if only the GOP controls enough of the government so whatever grief he gets from Trump is well deserved.

And McConnell, being the thin-skinned cretinous slug that he is has taken the bait. This was obviously on Trump’s mind as he held a brief press conference up in Bedminster, NJ, because he warmed up on the subject of Mitch McConnell:

Trump says, “You can ask the question” about whether Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should remain in his position if he cannot pass a plan to repeal and replace health care, change the tax code and move an infrastructure proposal.


All of this probably isn’t going anywhere because McConnell has enough support among his colleagues to avoid John Boehner’s fate.

Still, I don’t think we’re worse off for Trump using McConnell as a punching bag for a few weeks.


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