BREAKING. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Named White House Press Secretary

Deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders pauses while speaking during an off-camera press briefing at the White House, Tuesday, July 18, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Earlier today a long-time Trump ally, Anthony Scaramucci, was named communications director. This precipitated the resignation of Sean Spicer as piñata press secretary. Allegedly, Spicer was miffed:


When Spicer found out about Trump’s interest in bringing Scaramucci on board on Thursday night, he vented to confidants that he did not think Scaramucci could handle a major media campaign and didn’t deserve the job, one of the confidants said. He also expressed concern about whether Scaramucci would technically be in a senior position to him, since in the Obama administration the communications director was senior to the press secretary, according to two people familiar with the conversations.

“He’s never done communications in his life,” said another person who spoke to Spicer about his thoughts on Scaramucci.

And allegedly Bannon and Priebus were both rolled in the Scaramucci appointment.

Now Scaramucci has made his selection for press secretary:

Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Friday was named the new White House press secretary, replacing Sean Spicer.

Incoming White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci made the announcement to reporters in the James S. Brady Briefing Room, hours after he was picked for the job.


My thoughts on this.

I’ve been in the communications business basically since I got out of the Army. Everyone thinks it is easy until they do it. The very worst people are those who think it isn’t that hard. Scaramucci is going from Little League to the majors without a transition. Some very ugly things will happen.

If he survives, Scaramucci will be a big help. He has Trump’s confidence, something Spicer never had. If a comms director isn’t at the table when key decisions are made you are perpetually playing catch-up and looking really stupid as the reporters know more than you do. (Does that sound familiar?)

I’m agnostic on Huckabee Sanders. I’m not impressed but her real value is going to be keeping a lot of Spicer loyalists from walking out in the next week or so. She’s done a previous stint as deputy press secretary so she knows what is supposed to happen.


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