Senate Confirms Blogger-Judge to 6th Circuit and Hilarity Ensues

Just moments ago, the US Senate confirmed John Bush to a vacant seat on the 6th Circuit.


Bush is in private practice and chairs the Louisville, KY, chapter of the Federalist Society. He graduated from Harvard Law and clerked for a judge on the 8th Circuit. In short, Bush is highly qualified for the bench. Bush was also a blogger of some notoriety. Writing under the pseudonym ‘G. Morris,’ he ran a blog called Elephants in the Bluegrass. It was his blogging that caused geysers of blood to erupt for progressive orifices. A sampling:


McConnell is right. The two greatest tragedies in our country — slavery and abortion — relied on similar reasoning and activist justices at the U.S. Supreme Court, first in the Dred Scott decision, and later in Roe.

2016 Election

This year is different. The Democrats are trying to win with the same game plan as in 2008, only substitute woman for Black. But the Republicans have stumbled upon a nominee who is even more intriguing than a first female president. Forget the question of whether America is ready for a woman as commander in chief. What has the thousands of media and the anticipated protesters all in a dither is a far more interesting question: is America ready for a Trump in the White House?


Climate Change

I thought my kids had been messing with the computer, but now I know who the real culprit is for that annoying black screen when I open up the Google home page. According to the Associated Press, “Internet search engine Google lent its support to Earth Hour by blackening its normally white home page and challenging visitors: ‘We’ve turned the lights out. Now it’s your turn.'”

Sorry, but I will be watching the NCAA basketball tournament at 8 p.m. “Saving” the world from “climate change” will just have to wait until we go to bed victorious after the U of L – North Carolina game.

This is from 2010 when votes to pass that monstrosity were in question.

Ding, Dong, the (Obamacare Senate Bill) Witch is Dead!
Breaking news from the Washington Post: “Speaker of the House says she does not have enough votes to pass the Senate version of the health-care bill, leaving President Obama’s most important domestic agenda item in grave jeopardy.” Yippee!

Nancy Pelosi

Thanks, Mama Pelosi, For That 700 Point Stock Market Plunge!
We can thank House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s partisan rhetoric for the Wall Street legislation going down in flames today in the House…

So it’s back to the drawing boards for the Administration and Congress to come up with Plan B. Here’s one suggestion to get things started: gag the House Speaker.


He even quoted Mike Huckabee — approvingly — that a candidate could take the votes of people who disagreed with him (this is the Huckabee quote that caused progressives to go bananas):

I disagree with them [i.e., the gay rights advocates], strongly disagree with them on the idea of same-sex marriage, but in a democracy we can have disagreements over some policies and still agree on the greater things that make us Republicans. So would I accept their support? Of course. Would I change my position on same-sex marriage? No, I wouldn’t. But if they’re willing to support me, I’ll be their president. I’ll be anybody’s president, but I’ll be true to my convictions, and I think that’s what Americans look for — not someone they’re going to agree with on everything, but somebody who at least has some convictions, sticks with them, and explains them, and can at least have respect for people who have different ones.

But there is this

Today comes word that a reporter who traveled to Kenya to report on Obama’s kin has been detained by authorities. The World Net Daily reports:

This, at least to me, is anodyne and saccharine stuff that is sort of funny sometimes. Philosophically, it really isn’t out of the mainstream of GOP thought and it isn’t inflammatory. But Bush, at least, to the left, is now one of History’s Great MonstersTM.


Bush’s real offense is not his blogging. His actual offense is being nominated to a federal circuit and holding orthodox GOP beliefs.


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