Reporter Sees Evidence of Russian Influence in Las Vegas (VIDEO)

Now we’ve reached Peak Russia Bullsh**.


I don’t know anything about Todd Prince. His LinkedIn profile says he joined the Las Vegas Review-Journal in December after working for some years in Russia and reporting on Russia. Having said that, it is difficult to read this tweet and not make a couple of observations. First, Prince seems trying to work “Russia” into what is only a tweet about his own ignorance. I don’t know what purpose it serves other than to try to say Trump is turning the United States into Russia. Second, Prince has been in Vegas for seven months. If he hasn’t seen this before it is due more to his lack of awareness of his surroundings than it is to a new phenomenon.

Trainloads of military equipment trundle through Las Vegas on a near monthly basis. Why? Because Fort Irwin, the National Training Center, the installation where George Patton trained his men for Operation Torch, is just across the border in California. Brigade-sized units are sent by rail from every base in the United States that hosts a heavy, that is, armor or mechanized infantry, division or brigade.


Not everything you don’t understand can be linked to Russia.

What is amazing is that Prince would dump this out on Twitter without bothering to ask any of his colleagues about what he’d seen… or maybe he did.



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