Trump's Pick to Head DOJ Civil Rights Division Has Liberals in Buddhist Monk Protest Mode

FILE - In this May 26, 2015 file photo, Vanita Gupta, the head of Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, speaks in Cleveland. Justice Department lawyers investigating police agencies for racial discrimination and excessive force are increasingly finding a different problem: officers’ interactions with the mentally ill. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak, File)

The head of the Civil Rights Division of Department of Justice is one of the most important sub-cabinet positions in government. This office sets the tone for how civil rights law will be enforced in the United States. Under a racialist and activist leader, the office becomes a tool for the magnification of grievance based upon real or imaginary issues. Under Obama, you saw the Civil Rights Division actively collaborate with the Black Lives Matter activists and street toughs to create a wave of “de-policing” in American cities. You saw this office in action as they tried to force states to allow men who want to claim they are women to use the locker rooms and restrooms used by actual women. This office is the spearpoint of the left’s attack on traditional cultural values in the United States.


None of this is to say that the office in unimportant, only to say that for the past eight years it has not paid much attention to actual civil rights issues but has focused on manufacturing ways to forward the progressive agenda under the guise of civil rights.

Now President Trump has sent a nomination to the Senate to fill the position of assistant attorney general for civil rights:

Eric Dreiband, a former George W. Bush administration official, represented R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in an age discrimination case and Bloomberg in a pregnany discrimination case as a partner at the law firm Jones Day. On Thursday, Trump tapped him to lead the division that handles voting rights, policing and discrimination cases.

As you might imagine, Dreiband is not popular with civil right activists.

“Whoever leads the ‘crown jewel’ of the Justice Department must have deep relationships with stakeholders and marginalized communities, and have a deep, abiding faith in our nation’s civil rights laws,” [Vanita Gupta, head of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and a former leader of the civil rights division under Obama] said. “They must respect the laws that touch everyone, rights that people have literally died for. They must respect the role of what has been called the conscience of the federal government. In all those regards, Eric Dreiband is woefully unqualified to lead the Civil Rights Division.”

And there is the disconnect. This office is not an advocacy organization, the civil rights division is there to ensure federal civil rights laws are enforced–as written–for everyone no matter their race or sex or national origin or [fill in the blank].


This makes me think he is absolutely the right guy for the office:


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