How Vladimir Putin Punked Oliver Stone... And Used the US Military to Do It (VIDEO)

How Vladimir Putin Punked Oliver Stone... And Used the US Military to Do It (VIDEO)

If you are a chronic insomniac and/or mentally ill you’ve probably tuned in to watch Oliver Stone’s four-part Showtime series, “The Putin Interviews.” As this is Showtime, there was always the chance that we might get a chance to see Stone, handcuffed and gagged, having monkey-sex with Putin. But as that is not promised in the trailers I see no reason to watch it.

The trailer from the third installment features Putin talking about the awesomeness of Russia’s fight against ISIS and showing Stone a video on a smartphone (the relevant section is at about 0:14).

Putin tells Stone this is from a Russian helicopter fighting ISIS in Syria and says it shows “how our air force operates.”

Just one tiny problem. The video is actually gun camera video from US Army AH-64 Apaches kicking ass in Afghanistan

The audio, oddly enough, is from Russian helicopter pilots operating against the Ukrainian Army in the Donbass and is just slopped onto the US Apache video.

This is the side-by-side

And, like any other story dealing with Russia and Russians, you have to have a blatant, in-your-face lie to top off the story

When you think about it, Putin didn’t even respect Stone enough to make a credible dummy video, he had one made that was so obviously fake that it could be spotted in the trailer for the episode.

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