BREAKING. News Conference on Steve Scalise's Condition

There is a press conference just winding up at Washington MedStar Hospital on the condition of Steve Scalise.

These are the high points:

Scalise was conscious at the scene of the shooting but by the time he’d arrived at the hospital he was in shock. He arrived in critical condition ‘with imminent risk of death.’


The bullet entered his left hip and traveled laterally through his abdomen. The bullet fragmented–the doctor said hundreds of fragments–and caused substantial damage to bone–including a broken leg–internal organs and blood vessels.

He was in critical condition in surgery.

Scalise is responsive.

He has had two surgeries and will need more. He will have another surgery within 48 hours.

Still in critical condition. Still in ICU.

Doctors are encouraged by improvements. Hemorrhaging is nearly under control. Vital signs have stabilized. There is no idea when he’ll leave the hospital.

He will be able to walk and to run again.


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