The Washington Post Engages in "Stolen Valor" Over Congressional Shootings

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In the aftermath of getting what they wanted yesterday, the left, the media, and a lot of other folks were running in very small circles trying to justify their acceptance of violence so long as it was directed at the right people. The New York Times trotted out a long discredited tu quoque to make the point, or so it seems, that the GOP had it coming. One of the most shameless and shameful efforts was on the part of the Washington Post:


The baseball shooting wasn’t an attack on the GOP. It was an attack on all of us.

Ummm… no.

It really wasn’t.

It was an attack directed at Republican congressmen by a partisan Democrat who had worked on a presidential campaign (I’m not blaming Sanders here, he’s one of the few Democrats who has never crossed the line of directly or indirectly encouraging violence) and who had internalized every left-wing trope imaginable. If it had been an attack on “all of us” the shooter would not have specifically inquired about the party affiliation of the team practicing. Unlike many shootings where motives remain cloudy, this one is unambiguous. It was political terrorism. But, because it was a Democrat doing the shooting, and Republicans bleeding, we need to understand his anger:

The system often feels unfair. Skewed electoral maps favor one party over another. Rural areas are overrepresented [Fact check: this is a blatant lie, districts are required to be of roughly equal population and rural voters have representation in accordance to their numbers]. Party fringes often exert more control over the agenda than the broad middle, where much of the country really is and the only place from which it can be effectively governed. Political money skews legislation. After an election such as last year’s, it is easy for the losing side to feel hopeless and desperate.


What the Post does here is indistinguishable from the fat guy who wears military paraphernalia and claims to have been a Ranger or SEAL or a combat veteran. It is stolen valor pure and simple. A guy — and a political party — that was never in any danger at all is trying to take some of the credit for the blood shed by others.


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