MSNBC Firearms Expert Explains How Guns Work (VIDEO)

Image by Brandon Grasley, via Flickr Creative Commons, License

The only reason I’m making this post, other than the obvious excuse that I need the money, is that this is one of those events that happens in the aftermath of any shooting. The “firearms expert” is as much a stock character in the theater repertoire of cable and broadcast news as the shifty butler was a part of 1930s murder mysteries.



I really have no idea who this cretin is but this is the transcript:

So the difference is that a pistol can fire one round at a time. Pop… pop… pop… Which is what the Capitol Hill Police were carrying. This individual had a rife, semiautomatic means that you can switch it to a point where it fires poppoppoppop. Multiple rounds.

First off, everyone knows the correct sound effect is “pew pew pew.” Second, she’s not wearing camo and Oakley shades, everyone knows real firearms experts wear those. Can’t the media get anything right?


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