CNN Analyst Floats Unbelievable Rumor About the Manchester Bombing

CNN Analyst Floats Unbelievable Rumor About the Manchester Bombing

I’m probably one of the few remaining people who thinks CNN is a crappy news organization, largely staffed and managed by morons and cretins, and which will do literally anything to draw attention to itself. So when one of their “analysts,” a guy named Paul Cruickshank, casually floated the theory that the Manchester bombing could possibly have been a “false flag” attack, I wasn’t all that surprised.

They’re looking into this real possibility, and it appears there was some evidence this was a suicide bombing. That certainly takes it down the Islamist terrorist direction. It must also be noted that in recent months, in Europe, there have been a number of false flag plots where right wing extemists have tried to frame Islamists for terrorism. We’ve seen that in Germany in recent weeks.

This is the old “I’m not saying this happened, I’m just throwing it out there” ploy. It is a close relation to the “I’m sorry you’re offended apology.”

It is just crazy-pants to even bring this kind of crap up. Factually, there has been ONE alleged “false flag” plot reported in Europe since at least the beginning of the refugee crisis. That plot did not involve a mass casualty attack but rather the assassination of PRO-REFUGEE politicians and there is no indication of how developed the plot actually was. (As an aside, I still don’t understand how killing pro-refugee pols was supposed to work when the blame depended upon a) the perpetrator being identified and b) his cover identity holding up.) There have not been “a number” in “recent weeks.”

False flag attacks are the stock in trade of Ron Paul and his acolytes. Actual adults don’t speculate about that kind of thing in the midst of a terror attack.

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