Body Feeling As Flaccid As Your Intellect? Anti-Trump Aerobics May Be Just the Thing for You (VIDEO!!)

Okay, I’m not even going to try to improve upon this post at Freedom Project Media because I am struck dumb by the awesomeness of it:

At first glance, it might seem like another hysterical parody of left-wing nuttery from the creators of Portlandia. But in their ongoing push to become collectively beyond satire, the people of San Francisco offer up the latest craze in bovine group think: the plodding, badly choreographed, and hideously accoutered new fad “Anti-Trump Aerobics!”

Imagine a small room in a feminist bookstore, smelling of hemp and Fritos, and populated by a small herd of gender ambiguous ungulates swaying arrhythmically to chants of “don’t build a wall” and “don’t buy Ivanka’s shoes,” and you have the exercise sensation created by Margaret McCarthy and Liat Berdugo of Ally Cat Books.



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