It Seems That a Federal Grand Jury Was Investigating Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's Underground Communications Center by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Not that it matters, because anyone capable of paying attention knew that Hillary Clinton was a much more prolific and accomplished liar than Donald Trump, but it turns out all that time the Clinton campaign was claiming that there was no criminal investigation underway, there was not only an investigation but a federal grand jury as well.


As you recall, Judicial Watch fought a long and arduous action against the State Department to gain access to Hillary Clinton’s emails. Much of what we now know about her misuse of classified information and her private server was developed during the course of Judicial Watch’s FOIA requests and lawsuits. Like something from Night of the Living Dead, that lawsuit still lives and earlier in the month an FBI agent, actually the Assistant Director for the Counterintelligence Division E.W. Priestap, made a declaration in federal court about actions taken to find all of Hillary Clinton’s emails. In the declaration was this nugget:


Politico notes:

Use of grand jury subpoenas — something lawyers call “mandatory process” — could have been a political cudgel for Republicans if known earlier, since that tool would indicate the investigation was criminal in nature and not simply an intelligence-focused security review, as Clinton aides often claimed.


The existence of the grand jury could explain some of the extraordinary “immunity” deals awarded to Clinton lickspittles.

This revelation raises more questions than it answers. Did Comey and the FBI think the public was never entitled to know about the scope of the Clinton email investigation? Who was the Justice Department prosecutor supervising the case? Was a case ever presented to the grand jury? If so, how was no indictment of anyone returned?


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