BREAKING. Marine Le Pen Declares Victory in First Round of French Presidential Elections

Far-right leader and candidate for the 2017 French presidential election, Marine Le Pen, waves to supporters after exit poll results of the first round of the presidential election were announced at her election day headquarters in Henin-Beaumont, northern France, Sunday, April 23, 2017. Polling agency projections show far-right leader Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron leading in the first-round French presidential election. (AP Photo/Michel Spingler)

Via Washington Post

Right-wing politician Marine Le Pen claimed victory alongside centrist Emmanuel Macron for the French presidential runoff, with the future of the European Union at stake.

With opponents conceding, the choice of far-right firebrand Le Pen and unconventional centrist Macron upends France’s traditional parties after the first round of elections.

They advance to a head-to-head runoff May 7 that could further the worldwide march of anti-globalization populists.


This sets up a runoff between Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron. Polls by the same folks who proclaimed Trump couldn’t win are now touting Macron’s lead in the runoff polls

Le Pen has a hard row to hoe to pull off a May victory, but if you don’t think 50,000 paramilitary police and 7,000 French soldiers on the street to keep election day safe won’t focus attention of immigration and French identity, I don’t think you’ve been paying attention.


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