If You Are Criticizing Susan Rice You Are Probably a Big, Fat Racist (VIDEO)

It always comes down to this anytime a high-ranking black Democrat gets their ass caught in a crack. The issue is never the tens of thousands of dollars in a freezer or dead Border Patrol agents or lies being told to the American people or the sowing of racial and class conflict. The issue is always the racism of the person raising the objection because, you know, we let white guys get away with this stuff all the time.


On the heels of the revelations about Susan Rice requesting the unmasked identities of several US persons caught up in “incidental” surveillance of FISA targets, we are now being told that if we think this stinks and is generally f***ed up, even if not blatantly illegal, we are racist.

DAVID CORN, MSNBC: At the end of the day, we need some element of decency. When Rand Paul gets out there and says she’s abused this right, there is not an iota of evidence that she’s abused anything. Calling her Typhoid Mary? She — all we know now is that she did her job. Did she do something wrong? There is no information indicating that. So they are making her, you know, basically they’re defaming her without any reason to do so because she’s a woman. Maybe because she’s a black woman. Maybe because they didn’t like her during Benghazi.

Or this clown:

Since everyone has already told the administration that the wiretapping story was a lie (even Fox News suspended the guy who said it), let’s focus instead on Rice. Why, out of the dozens of former White House officials involved in the Russia investigation, are Republicans focusing on her absolutely legal requests? For the same reason that White House press secretary Sean Spicer got snippy with Ryan, and Bill O’Reilly came after Waters. Republicans smell their natural enemy.

While, at various points in the last 40 years, Republicans have been able to lure black men, white men, Hispanics and white women into the fold with various policy promises, black women haven’t been buying it. They are kryptonite to the Republican Party, especially under Trump. African-American female politicians, journalists and activists are the greatest consistent threat to the hegemony of Trump, and his supporters are triggered whenever a black woman speaks her mind with authority.


What these people are doing is no different than what baby SJWs do on college campuses. They lack the intellectual firepower or the integrity to address the issue and so they drum up fake outrage to aim at critics. There are a lot of reasons to criticize Rice that have nothing to do with her being either black or a woman. She’s not terribly bright, she’s an inveterate liar, according to people who have worked around her she is vicious to peers and subordinates and has a vocabulary that would get a white male fired. In the case at hand, even if she was acting within the letter of the law, she was clearly unmasking identities for partisan political purposes. One would think that holding black women to the same standard of conduct as anyone else would be a mark of respect not of racism.


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