Oh My. Mike Huckabee Really Didn't Go THERE When He Criticized Lindsey Graham, Did He?

Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee, Republican winner of the 2008 Iowa caucuses, sits on a panel discussion in Des Moines hosted by the Network of Iowa Home Christian Educators.  He is widely considered to be a potential presidential candidate for the 2016 Iowa caucuses. 4/9/2015 Photo by John Pemble

Ah, well, I suppose someone had to say it sooner or later.

Former Arkansas governor and perennial presidential candidate was on Laura Ingraham’s show today and weighed in on the ongoing kerfuffle over Devin Nunes and the Trump-Russia probe. Earlier in the week, you’ll recall, Lindsey Graham called Nunes “Inspector Clouseau” over his handling of the investigation.


This is the key part of the conversation, skip forward to 1:02 on the sound file if you want to follow along with the Washington Examiner’s transcript:

“I’m very disappointed in Lindsey,” Huckabee said. “I sometimes wonder what uniform he puts on each morning when goes out to the field to play, and I’m not just talking about the partisan uniform.”

Be honest, who among you has never thought that Lindsey Graham might possibly be batting for the other team? NTTAWWT.

True or not, this was as much of a gratuitous insult as the one Graham directed towards Nunes and ultimately most people will be talking about Huckabee’s boorishness and “homophobia” and that will step on a fairly important point, in my opinion, that Huckabee was trying to make:

“But I think to bring that kind of criticism and to call the chairman of the House Intel Committee — who is a person of integrity — to call him Inspector Clouseau, to use those kind of terms basically to diminish him, it’s very unfortunate, it’s demeaning, and frankly it just makes no sense,” Huckabee added. “He ought to be calling Devin Nunes and saying, ‘Congressman what do you have? Tell me what you know that you can tell me about, because we need to find out if there’s something going on here that is nefarious.'”



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