Senate Intel Committee Tells Roger Stone To Preserve All Documents

This could not happen to a nicer guy. There is no one, other than most liberal Democrats, John McCain, Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham — okay, there are a lot of people — who I’d rather get a proctological exam with an chainsaw than Roger Stone. And someone just pulled the cord on the Stihl MS-211.


Roger J. Stone Jr., an informal adviser to President Trump, has been asked by the Senate Intelligence Committee to preserve any records he may have in connection to a broader inquiry into Russian attempts to interfere with United States elections.

The letter sent to Mr. Stone, a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times, represents the first public indication of the scope of the committee’s inquiry, and possible connections to Mr. Trump’s campaign.

The Senate committee asked Mr. Stone, who is also under scrutiny from other federal investigators, to “preserve and retain all hard copies and electronically stored information as specified below in furtherance of the committee’s ongoing investigation into Russian actions targeting the 2016 U.S. elections and democratic processes globally.”

This makes two of the Russophiles and walking RICO violations on the Trump campaign who have received such orders, the first was Carter Page. Smart money says that both Stone and Page end up in deep trouble, if not in prison. Both think they are smart guys but neither one is even half as smart as they think they are. They are virtually guaranteed to lie to investigators and hide documents. You don’t have possess clairvoyant powers to see that happening.


Paul Manafort, who is wanted by Ukrainian prosecutors for questioning in related to various frauds (surprise, right?), has yet to get a letter.


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