SJWs Set Their Sights On Damaging Trump's National Security Adviser

Just when you think these people have become as petty as it is possible to be, something like this Washington Post hit piece on Trump’s National Security Adviser, H. R. McMaster comes along: McMaster rebuked by Army in 2015 for his handling of sexual assault case.


This is the situation.

In 2013, the Army was in the process of getting a full-bore gay proctological exam from the SJWs the Obama administration had stuffed into every crack and crevice in Department of Defense and the service secretariats. Suddenly “sexual harassment” became the thing the Defense Department was focusing on rather than fighting ISIS, deterring the Chinese, or even keeping units and equipment combat capable. Into this mix you throw a bunch of US Military Academy cadets who, being 18-22 year old males who played rugby, showed the sublime lack of situational awareness for which that demographic is famed:

The case began to unfold in April 2013, when West Point administrators were alerted to a long chain of offensive emails shared among the 60 members of the rugby team.

The emails, titled “Highs and Lows,” chronicled the purported sexual exploits of the players, mocked their girlfriends and mothers, and made insulting references to female cadets.

Many of the messages contained a warning: “Remember. NO ONE SEES THIS OUTSIDE OF THE BROTHERS.”

The emails surfaced as the U.S. military was consumed by several other sexual-misconduct scandals and under intense pressure from lawmakers to take the problem more seriously.

And did I mention bad luck:

At West Point, the rugby team’s emails were discovered a few weeks before Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was scheduled to visit the school for commencement and deliver a major speech on sexual assault.

In his May 2013 graduation address, Hagel demanded that everyone in the military work together to stamp out the “scourge” of sexual harassment and assault, calling it “a profound betrayal of sacred oaths and sacred trusts.”

West Point officials waited until a few days after Hagel left to reveal publicly that the rugby team had been under investigation.


The Army, acting in the craven way my service often acts, disbanded the rugby team. An investigation was conducted and found that no sexual abuse was involved in the making of those emails but tender sensibilities were hurt.

Fifteen members of the team graduated in May and were commissioned and sent off to their basic course. For infantry officers this is usually about four months at the Infantry School, followed by Ranger and Airborne School.

In July, the sh** hit the fan when a female West Point lieutenant suddenly recalled that two members of the rugby team had, in fact, groped her. An investigation ensued while the two officers in question were at Fort Benning which was then under the command of H. R. McMaster who, as the Post helpfully notes:

Like the officers, McMaster is a West Point alumnus and played on the rugby team. He graduated in 1984.

The bastard. How did he ever get promoted.

In November 2013, the command investigation was approved by military prosecutors and probable cause was found that “abusive sexual contact” did take place and the case was referred to the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division for investigation.

What had happened in the meantime was that the two officers had completed their basic course and were scheduled to attend Ranger School. The fact that they had been under investigation meant they were, in Army parlance, “flagged.” This meant they could not be transferred or promoted and they should not have been eligible for military schooling. The school solution was that they should have been assigned casual duties at Fort Benning until the investigation was completed and they were cleared or punishment had been inflicted.


I can’t get inside of McMaster’s mind but I can guess the thought process. First, he knew the nature of the allegation was not going to result in the officers being court-martialed and imprisoned or dismissed from the service. They might be staring a career ending letter of reprimand in the face but they still had a five-year service obligation. If McMaster kept them in a holding pattern, they would almost inevitably exceed 180 days on station which would mean that instead of being on temporary duty their assignment to Fort Benning would be for three years. He probably figured the easiest place to hold them was in Ranger School so that when they came out they would be either cleared and shipped out, or he’d be required to punish them before he shipped the out. All in all it was a clean solution.

The CID seems to have substantiated the charge, the lawyers decided McMaster should handle it, and he issued the two officers letters of reprimand when they graduated from Ranger School.

As luck would have it, another CID investigation was underway involving the same complainant (surprised, eh?) found there was no reason to believe the accuser (I know, shocker, right?).

As part of the rugby team investigation, the accuser had told Army investigators that she had also been raped by another West Point classmate, a member of the hockey team, while she was passed out in a hotel room.

The hockey player acknowledged having sex with her after they had gone to a bar and said it was consensual, though he told investigators that it was “possible” she had not been conscious the entire time. [but it is an egregious violation of the Pussy Comatose Act.]

The Army dropped charges against the hockey player after a preliminary hearing in which defense attorneys introduced evidence that the accuser had sent hundreds of text messages to the hockey player after they had sex, including two topless photos of herself. The evidence contradicted a sworn statement from the accuser that she had cut off all communications with the man.

Confronted about the texts on the witness stand, she said she did not remember sending them. But her testimony led an investigating officer for the Army to conclude that her “credibility is null,” according to a memo of his findings in the rape investigation.


The two officers appealed the letters of reprimand based on this finding and had them removed from their file.

However, someone ratted out McMaster and he got scolded and the Army Vice Chief of Staff gave McMaster a “letter of concern” for his personal trash can files. The irony being that if McMaster had asked the Pentagon for permission he would have undoubtedly received it. His sin was just not asking. Who among us wants to cast the first stone over that?

Now one of the SJW’s Obama inflicted on the Army is on an Elizabeth-Warren-esque warpath:

Brenda “Sue” Fulton, a member of the West Point Board of Visitors and one of the first women to graduate from the military academy, said the Army leadership’s handling of the case was inexplicable.

“You just don’t get to go to Ranger School if you’re under investigation,” she said. “You just don’t get to go to Ranger School if you’re flagged in a law enforcement case. Soldiers understand that.”

Wait… Brenda “Sue” Fulton? This Brenda “Sue” Fulton? From West Point Hosts First Same-Sex Marriages


And no, black really doesn’t make you look smaller. And her concern about what “soldiers know” is sort of hypocritical as she accepted a USMA appointment and served on active duty when it was illegal for homosexuals to do so.


Anyway, this is a nothingburger. What is amazing is that the Washington Post devotes an entire article to it. Well, not really amazing when you consider that they are now actively opposing the administration and trying to take out as many of Trump’s people as they can showing just how indispensable a free press is to the Republic.


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