BREAKING. Scott Pruitt Confirmed As EPA Administrator

After a very contentious nomination process Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has been confirmed as EPA administrator. The vote was oddly bipartisan. Democrats Heitkamp and Manchin, both endangered, both looking at a 2018 reelection in deep red states, both from states having huge issues with EPA enforcement, cross over to vote for Pruitt.


This might be the best news for the nation in years. Pruitt has been a tireless warrior fighting the efforts by the EPA to use the environment as an entry point to micromanage economic activity in every state in the union. They have worked in collusion with environmental groups to lock in Draconian regulations. They have generally been tireless and virtually lawless enemies of liberty anywhere they operated. While they ruthlessly prosecuted property owners for filling in mud holes they had classified as “wet lands,” EPA buffoons that poisoned the Animas River were allowed to skate with not so much as a single day’s suspension.

Now the real fun will start as Pruitt has to break the back of agency-wide resistance to him.


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