BREAKING. Alexander Acosta Is New Nominee To Be Secretary Of Labor

This is how Politico reports it:

President Donald Trump plans to announce on Thursday that Alexander Acosta, a former Justice Department official and current dean of Florida International University College of Law, is his new pick for labor secretary, according to a senior administration official.


Acosta has been on the National Labor Relations Board, he headed Justice’s Civil Rights Division under Bush, he has been US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, and is now a law school dean. He looks to be a solid  and conservative choice to head Labor. He doesn’t come without some minor scandal. If you recall back to the late years of the Bush administration and the panty-wadding on the left that Republicans in Justice were imposing a political litmus test for new hires:

…Now, the school is handing its law school over to U.S. Attorney R. Alexander Acosta, who might not have generated as much press as Thomas – but is sure to kick up a storm with the faculty.

At issue is Acosta’s job before taking over as Miami’s top federal prosecutor. The Magic City native spent two years as chief of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division from 2003 to 2005 — the same period that Bush wingnut maniac Brad Schlozman ran wild hiring every conservative lawyer he could find and turning the judicial branch into a GOP echo chamber.

Schlozman was completely slammed by the Justice Department’s internal investigation into his hiring practices (which you can read here.) The guy unabashedly politicized the judicial wing. Here’s a few choice quotes from Schlozman from emails and voicemails unearthed during the inquiry:

  • “I just want to make sure we don’t start confining ourselves to, you know, politburo members because they happen to be a member of some, you know, psychopathic left-wing organization designed to overthrow the government.”
  • “I too get to work with mold spores, but here in Civil Rights we call them Voting Section Attorneys.”
  • “Perhaps the Division will name an award for me or something. How about the Brad Schlozman Award for Most Effectively Breaking the Will of Liberal Partisan Bureaucrats. I would be happy to come back for the awards ceremony.”
  • He called civil rights attorneys “pinkos” and “commies” and proudly described hiring “real Americans” and “bitch-slapping a bunch of attorneys” he decided were too liberal for his department.

So why should FIU care about Schlozman’s unhinged hiring methods (which lead to 63 of the 65 attorneys he hired coincidentally having conservative credentials)?

Because Acosta was his boss. And the report also slams Acosta, saying he “failed to execute enough oversight.”


In retrospect, the people opposing Puzder might discover they have made a really bad deal because he’s really smart, he knows the system and doesn’t have any really obvious points of attack against him.


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