Why Did Politico Hide the Truth About the Writer Of This Anti-Trump Op-Ed?

Yesterday, in the wake of the firing of rogue acting Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, Politico ran an op-ed titled Why Trump’s Firing of Sally Yates Should Worry You. In short, the article supports the view that basically every official in the executive branch in an independent actor who should be able to defy instructions from basically anyone. That is bonkers. The correct course to take, as was pointed out by several legal ethicists, is to resign and then make the decision whether your disagreement is of such import that you should take it public. There is no moral or logical case for thinking that a person has the right to remain in their position and defy instructions that are not clearly illegal.


This is the last paragraph of the op-ed and author credit:


Then this happened:


Yep. Brian Fallon, he neutrally titled “director of public affairs for the Department of Justice” is the same Brian Fallon who was Hillary Clinton’s campaign spokesman.

I don’t have a complaint with Fallon taking shots at Trump. It’s unseemly, but if unseemly were an issue then Hillary Clinton would have dropped out of sight sometime in the 1980s. What is just patently wrong is that Politico would let him write the op-ed and then hide his most important affiliation from its readers until it was caught. Only after Mediaite went public did Politico change the credit for Fallon to include the press spox job and even after correcting the bio they don’t acknowledge that the bio was changed.


And yet they are complaining about #FakeNews on Facebook.

(H/T to Mediaite)


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