New York Daily News Creates #FakeNews In Quebec Mosque Attack

Around 8pm yesterday, two men walked into the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center and opened fire. Six people were killed and eight injured. This is how the New York Daily News covered it:


A pair of gunmen unleashed a hail of bullets inside a packed Quebec City mosque, killing at least six and wounding more during the evening prayer attack Sunday, authorities said.

Canadian authorities are now investigating the “barbaric” assault as the work of terrorists, officials said.

Cops busted one of the suspects after he called police expressing remorse following his attack [remember this, this is critical] at the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec in the suburban community of Sainte-Foy around 8 p.m., according to Quebec newspaper The Sun.

This is the story line the Daily News pushed:

A member of the mosque told reporters that after 42 years of living in Quebec, he is considering moving back to Morocco.

“We are not safe here,” Mohammed Oudghiri told reporters. He did not witness the attack but he said knew one of the victims and that they taught children at the mosque.

“No matter what happens in the United States, no matter what happens elsewhere, we never held hatred for others,” Oudghiri said. “Because, above everything, I’m Quebecois.”

Earlier on Sunday, the provincial leader distanced himself from a controversial refugee ban that sparked mass protests in the United States and prompted U.S. Customs and Border Protections to detain and deport some travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

“No matter our origins, the color of our skin, our beliefs or who we love, Quebec will always be home,” he wrote.

“It is heartbreaking to see that such a senseless act of violence has been committed. Diversity is our strength and, as Canadians, religious tolerance is a value that is dear to us,” Trudeau said.

The attack prompted Canadian authorities to increase patrols outside mosques in Quebec and Montreal as police began investigating the assault as a terrorist attack.


There is only one problem with this linkage of President Trump’s executive order to the shootings:

The identity of the second shooter hasn’t been released yet but

The overarching point here is that it by the time this Daily News article went to press, one of the shooters was in custody, he had been identified on Canadian television as a Muslim, and Canadian news reports were carrying the story of “Allahu Akbar” (Arabic for “hello, how are you?”) being shouted as the shooting started. And yet they decided to run the story with a patently false connection to Muslim fear over having to renounce terrorism and follow the law in the United States.


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