BREAKING. GOP Leadership Folds Like A Cheap Suit On Pompeo Nomination Vote

BREAKING. GOP Leadership Folds Like A Cheap Suit On Pompeo Nomination Vote

The vote to confirm Mike Pompeo as CIA director has been put off until Monday.

It started out with McConnell and Cornyn talking tough.

McConnell said that he hoped a confirmation vote on Pompeo could come tonight, There is no time agreement, however.

“I think we need to stop bad habits on the part of the Democrats. Because obviously they lost the election, they’re not happy about it. I don’t expect them to be happy about it, but I also don’t expect them to behave in bad behavior that really doesn’t serve any other purpose other than maybe make them feel better in their loss,” Majority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, said of the plans. “So it could mean staying here all night and through the weekend, inconveniencing them. You know how powerful the lure of a Thrusday evening or Friday is around here.”

Then the usual stuff happened.

This is not a shock to anyone who has watched Mitch McConnell in action over the years. The man is a lazy, non-working windbag. He was Harry Reid’s toady when Reid was majority leader and had been so thoroughly stump broken by Reid that even when Reid was minority leader McConnell was still shining his shoes and fetching him sammiches.

All in all, this is not an auspicious start for the US Senate which will be faced with a substantial and substantive workload this session. Letting one lefty senator hold up a gimme nomination like Mike Pompeo’s is simply unconscionable. Chuck Schumer is not only smarter than Reid by about 10000% but, unlike Reid, he doesn’t act like a deranged child molester when he’s on television. McConnell is outclassed and overmatched. Trump will be lucky to have his cabinet filled by 2020 the way McConnell is operating.

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