Noxious Suckweasel Josh Earnest Exposes Obama's Lack Of Seriousness On National Security

Any White House press secretary has to be able to spin. If you can’t convince the White House press corps that your president’s baby poo is actually butterscotch as you’re handing out spoons, you should seek new employment. Some are totally useless (Scott McClellan, I’m thinking about you here), some can do it with good humor, but never has there been a more joyous liar in the position than Josh Earnest. Not only does he shamelessly lie on behalf of the administration (see any statement he made on either Iran or Obamacare, for example), he creates lies the administration isn’t even trying to peddle. Take this for instance.


President Obama’s top spokesman on Wednesday blasted Republicans who criticized his decision to commute the sentence of former Army private Chelsea Manning.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said GOP lawmakers have put on “an astonishing display of intellectual dishonesty,” citing their support for President-elect Donald Trump.

“Those are the same Republicans on Capitol Hill who endorsed a man for president who praised WikiLeaks, defended the integrity of Julian Assange even as he was trashing the patriotic men and women who work in the United States intelligence community,” Earnest told reporters at a breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor.

“The argument they make against Chelsea Manning,” he added, “requires the American people to willfully ignore those comments from the president-elect, the man they endorsed.”

Ummm… not entirely. Endorsing Trump in an election in which he faced the most corrupt person to ever run for the presidency in the history of the Republic, and arguably one of the most incompetent, too, does not mean that you endorsed Trump’s views on Wikileaks, Assange, or p**sy-grabbing. All it means is that given the choice between a ditzy old kleptocrat and Trump, a lot of people chose Trump. In regards to Assange and Wikileaks, a lot of folks, myself included, were in sync with Julius Caesar’s aphorism, “I love treason but hate a traitor.” We know what Assange and Wikileaks are and would happily burn them both down but seeing Donna Brazile and numerous members of the media exposed for the dishonest and unethical poltroons that they are was delightful.


The intellectual dishonesty on display is that of Barack Obama.

Wikileaks’s connection to Russia is not news. But the way Obama has reacted to Wikileaks provocations is illustrative.

The actions of Bradley Manning, actions that may very well have resulted in the deaths of Americans or of our allies, and he gets let out of jail so he can get his long desired takadicfromy operation.

Edward Snowden’s leaks, also mediated by Wikileaks and which had a much stronger and more obvious tie to Russia, resulted in no action being taken against Russia.

Emails from a the DNC and Podesta are leaked and Obama slaps Russia with “sanctions.”

Why? Because the DNC leaks gave him a chance to discredit Donald Trump. Because Obama does not now, nor has he ever, cared about national security or the safety of the nation. His total agenda has revolved around the aggrandizement of power and that’s why he didn’t care about Wikileaks until December.


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