John Brennan And Mike Pompeo Seem To Have Different Priorities For the CIA

When Representative Mike Pompeo testified last week at his confirmation hearing he had this to say about his vision for the CIA:

“It will be the CIA’s mission, and my own, if confirmed, to ensure the agency remains the best in the world at its core mission: collecting what our enemies do not want us to know. In short, the CIA must be the world’s premier espionage service.”

According to the Washington Times, outgoing CIA Director John Brennan wants his legacy to be something rather different:

In a wide-ranging interview with the Wall Street Journal, departing CIA Director John Brennan said he wants his legacy to be the work he did to advance the LGBTQ community.

“During his tenure he has put particular emphasis on promoting the interests of gay, lesbian, and transgender officers,” the Journal reported. “He was the first CIA director to attend an annual social gathering of LGBTQ employees and has been known to wear a rainbow lanyard around the office as a symbol of solidarity.

I suppose you take your victories where you can get them. The CIA, under Brennan, has been one missed call after another. It missed the annexation of Crimea and the invasion of east Ukraine by Russia (Brennan says no one could have seen it coming). It missed the growth of ISIS (Brennan said, you guessed it, no one could have seen it coming).

If you juxtapose this to how the Department of Defense was run as a laboratory to mainstream and exult every possible sexual perversion and John Kerry’s actions at State, you begin to not only see a pattern of behavior but a metaphor for this entire Administration.

But is is easier and much more gratifying to the ego to flouce about wearing a “rainbow lanyard” and to leak like sieve to undermine an incoming president than it is to actually do your job.