BREAKING. Trump Transition Names Homeland Security And Counterterrorism Adviser

For weeks, Obama’s monumentally unqualified Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Lisa Monaco has been mewling about how no one from the Trump administration has been appointed to her job and how she has all this great information, presumably binders full of it, to share with the new guys but they are just so f***ed up that they haven’t gotten around to this task.


To be clear, Monaco has been an abject failure in the position. More terror attacks have taken place on US soil during her tenure that that of her predecessors combined. Monaco is a democrat catchfart and apparatchik whose entire career is prefaced by Assistant to [some significant person]. And, under Barack Obama, the position she holds was stripped of its status as an equal to the National Security Adviser and made a part of the National Security Council. Under Obama, Monaco’s primary focus has been on winding down Guantanamo. Think about that for a moment. Getting rid of Guantanamo is the highest priority of the presidents adviser on homeland security and counterterrorism.

Today Trump’s transition team announced that Thomas P. Bossert would fill that position, significantly, he also pulled the plug on Obama’s reorganization and reinstituted the position as an independent office with access to the President.

Bossert worked on the same staff under George W. Bush… back when we were not having Islamic terror attacks on US soil with some regularity.

Bossert, a former deputy homeland security adviser in the Bush White House, has earned the support of Stephen Hadley, a former Bush national security adviser. Hadley has already emerged as a key player in Trump’s appointments; he also recommended Rex Tillerson for secretary of state.

Bossert, currently a fellow at the Atlantic Council, would replace Lisa Monaco, who currently holds the position under President Barack Obama. She told reporters last month that she had been unable to meet with her as-yet-unnamed successor. “I am eager to sit down with that person,” she said. Monaco added that the National Security Council staff has produced “reams of information” for the incoming Trump team.

The appointment of Bossert would help build out Trump’s team tasked with countering terrorism, an acute issue considering the flurry of international attacks and Trump’s avowed commitment to eradicating the terror threat in the United States.

During the Bush years, Bossert served as deputy to Fran Townsend, who was homeland security adviser.


The selection is a solid one and the eradication of the Obama reorganization is appropriate. By putting the homeland security and counterterrorism portfolio under the NSC, those issues often took a back burner to more pressing international problems. On the whole, a very good start.


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