Lawless EPA Is Deliberately Destroying Federal Records

This is not a surprise. At Justice, EPA, Energy, IRS and HHS — those agencies that had the greatest roles in Obama’s various un-Constitutional actions — they have probably brought in industrial strength shredders and file server erasers to be rid of the evidence before January 20. Few agencies, though, have been as brazen as the EPA in carrying out a deliberate destruction of federal records:


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials only archived 86 text messages out of 3.1 million agency employees sent and received in 2015, according to a federal watchdog’s report made public Wednesday by House Committee on Science, Space and Technology Chairman Lamar Smith.

The EPA Office of Inspector General (IG) released the report requested by the Texas Republican, which described enormous text message retention problems within the EPA. One unnamed senior official configured his phone to automatically delete texts after 30 days.

The IG claimed EPA officials never “intentionally” violated the Federal Records Act and did not include the low number of archived texts in the body of its report, relaying it instead to congressional staff.

“I applaud the inspector general at EPA for recognizing that there is a problem with EPA officials using texting for official business and the conflict it presents for maintaining records,” Smith said in a statement. “Out of the 3.1 million text messages analyzed by the IG, only 86 of the text messages were logged into the enterprise system at EPA as a federal record.

“This vast deficit is astonishing, and further discredits the claim made by EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy that only one out of her 5,000 text messages was an official record according to EPA.


Exactly. You can’t get there from here. Roughly 100% of McCarthy’s text messages are public records as they were communicated over a federal server from a federal device. If 4,999 of 5,000 text messages were personal she needs to be prosecuted for misappropriating federal property because she is clearly using it for personal business.


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