Leftwing Windbag Sues Twitter User Over Meme. Is Tucker Carlson Next?

Last week, a noxious, bloated leftwing douchenozzle named Kurt Eichenwald went on Tucker Carlson’s show and was severely manhandled. The degree to which Carlson pwned this cretin came within a hair of being an overt violation of the 13th Amendment. (Relatedly, I can’t read Eichenwald’s name without thinking of this scene from Young Frankenstein)

To truly appreciate this guy you need only look at the image of himself that he uses on Twitter juxtaposed with how he looks on television. One of these is not like the other:


Shortly after the *show* was over, we heard that Eichenwald had had a seizure. I don’t know if they were related but it is fun to think that is the case.

Naturally, the Dallas police have no record of any complaint more likely than not because Eichewald can play internet tough guy without running the risk of going to jail for filing a false complaint.

But, because anyone can sue anyone over anything, Eichenwald has filed a lawsuit


(By the way, the irony of a internet tough guy with the Aryan name Kurt Eichenwald suing a guy whose twitter handle is @jew_goldstein for virtual assault nearly gave me a seizure.)

As one wag put it


One has to wonder if a lawsuit against Tucker Carlson isn’t on the horizon since it was Carlson’s interview that so exercised Eichenwald that he became vulnerable to this terrifying attack.


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