BREAKING. FCC Chairman And Democrat Hack Tom Wheeler Throws In the Towel

This is the best possible news.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler will step down early next year, he announced Thursday before the FCC’s open meeting.

His planned Jan. 20, 2017 departure comes on the heels of Democratic Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel not receiving confirmation to remain as an FCC Commissioner. The two departures will leave Republicans with a 2-1 majority on the FCC.


This is the set up. The FCC has five members. Typically the party in the White House has 3 members, including the chairman. The appointment of one Democrat member, Jessica Rosenworcel, has lapsed leaving the FCC deadlocked 2-2. Rosenworcel was virtually a lock for confirmation but the chairman, a rabidly partisan hack named Tom Wheeler, refused to resign. This is something that has been a tradition, so that the new president gets his own chairman, but Wheeler’s term didn’t expire until 2018. If he stayed on the FCC and Rosenworcel was confirmed then the Democrats would control the FCC for two more years. As a result of his intransigence, Rosenworcel was not confirmed by the current Senate. So she has to be renominated by Trump.

With Wheeler’s resignation, the FCC now has a 2-1 Republican majority and the two Republican commissioners have made it clear that much of the FCC’s work under Wheeler is going to be repealed.


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